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Lessons - FAQ & Teacher List


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Welcome to the newly re-opened Lessons Department - offering one-on-one virtual lessons with our faculty of skilled and knowledgeable teachers. Help this section grow by signing up today!!

The lesson-plan/curriculum is to be determined and decided on a case-by-case basis between student and teacher. The appeal of this method is that it allows the most freedom for both parties to customize the appraoch and to tailor each series of lessons to the particular topic and to the people involved.

Please understand that at this point, teachers are generiously volunteering their time to help; try and be courteous and respectful of this generosity.

To sign up:

- Pick the subject you want to learn and with whom you'd like to study.

- Send a message to SYS65 indicating your subject and teacher preferences.

- Daniel (SYS65) and/or your new teacher will respond with a decision on your placement.

Current teachers: (Currently Updating this list)

SYS65 (Daniel Muñoz Alférez)

  • 20th Century Orchestration. (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Using Sibelius. (Starters to Advanced)
  • Electronic Music with FL Studio. (Starters to Advanced)


Siwi (Simon Wilkins)

  • Composing for stringed instruments
  • General Music Composition
  • Chamber ensembles
  • Orchestration
  • Development and elaboration of ideas
  • Using Sibelius
  • Choral Writing


Aniolel (Aaron Saylor)

  • Music Theory: (Starters to Advance)
  • Harmonics covered here from diatonic triads to 20th century harmony, and beyond.
  • Counter point: up to 4 part writing.

  • Composition/ Development: (starters to advance)
  • Thematic writing and development
  • Harmonizing of themes
  • Different types of basic forms
  • Textures

  • Sonata writing: All three forms (Intermediate to advance)


Maestrowick (?)

  • Composition - Melodic development (Starters to Advanced)


Morgri (Paul Poston)

  • Music Theory
  • Composition / development
  • Ear Training
  • Sightsinging
  • Contemporary compositional techniques


*We're on the lookout for qualified teachers. If you're interested, drop me a line - music degree or significant professional experience an asset.*

Brand New Lessons System here, (in progress, be patient)

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