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Seventh Annual Competition for Young Composers


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My name is Robert Ingenito and I sing with the Young New Yorkers Chorus (www.ynyc.org). One of the unique qualities of this chorus is our annual "Competition for Young Composers." Following is the link with the details. The first place winner receives $1,000.00. Please feel free to forward to your composition students and colleagues.


Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Robert Ingenito

Competition Coordinator

Email: robert@ynyc.org

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I never ever ever ever ever enter a competition that has an application fee.

To be quite honest, and I say this with the deepest humility, you guys should consider yourselves lucky to be getting an application from me.

As for other composers out there who think this competition looks tempting, then don't take it from me:

Composer, Eric Whitacre's opinion on competitions.

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