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The 3D music competition

S. Silard

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Hey Composers , I'm new here , and I'm beginner 3D animator .

Than I'm sure , all of you have question , what I'm want here .

So this is what I want : One Composer

I need one composer , because I'm making 3D Animation's ( Character animation , abstract things etc. ) , and I want to work with composer ( The composer make music for my animation , and I make animation for composer's music ) .

Everyone can check out my You Tube channel .

But what's more important , with few guys we make one game , and probably we will need a music ( OST for game ) , that part of work will be payed .

So I and that game developer crew will work with that guy , who make the best music for this video .

Try to make the best music , what's fit to screen , and to event's .

We need one composer who thing : Jesper Kyd , Steve Jablonsky , Hans Zimmer and Stuart Chatwood is genius :D

If you are interested , or have any question , contact with me :

Email address - silardslako001@gmail.com

Skype - thesilard1

Or simple personal massage on You Tube - MrProS01

I wait 4U :D

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