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I know that in major, the four leads to the three and the seven leads to the one melodically. When in minor are there still voice leadings? I understand that there's no 'right' answer to any of that, but music theoretically. Also, I vaguely recall reading about chromaticism goes back to the chord, or something like that. So say I am in major, and I've got a major four chord, does the three then lead up to the four?

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Guest John Pax

Chord IV leading to iii or degree 4 leading to 3? Your question makes little to no sense.

Yes, voice leading rules still apply in minor keys.

Do you mean: going from chord I to IV, does the major 3rd of I go up a tone to the root of IV? It can if you want it to, it all depends on what chord inversion you've picked for other reasons; avoiding connectives, melody, correct doubling etc.

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