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Found 18 results

  1. Hello! I recently made song that features piano and electric guitars. My problem is that many people told me, that piano doesnt sound natural/is not mixed well/sounds robotic. I recorded piano parts in reaper DAW using neo piano plugin and midi keyboard. What could be improved on when it comes to mixing and playing ? Here is song im talking about:
  2. I have a question that I know won’t be easy to answer but I’m just really looking for advice from people on this website who are in college/have a career in composing. I don’t want to say my age but I will say that I’m in middle school almost in high school. I have been composing for about four and a half months because my band director recommended I try it since I’m good with music theory (I work in theory books and know theory that is considered senior level of high school - college level). I’d say that I learn quickly and am quickly becoming a skilled composer. My question is : how will I know for sure if I want to pursue composing as a future career? And to the composers who have been composing for a while : What are the skills/traits of a good composer? I enjoy composing and I know that since I’m only in middle school (you could probably figure that out just by listening to my pieces lol) I have plenty of time to decide if I want to be a composer. But is it one of those careers where you have to genuinely enjoy it or be talented at a certain part of it to consider it as a career? I know this is a very deep and thought-provoking question and thank you for answering if you do.
  3. I just finished writing this short piece but I can’t think of a name for it. I usually have this problem so I figured for this piece I’d ask people on this forum to help me. Thanks☺️
  4. Are there any Finale users who know how to add an instrument? I need to write a piece for an Alto Flute but when I go into Document Setup Wizard they don’t have it; only regular flute. Is there a way to add instruments? Btw I use Finale Notepad 2012
  5. I’m working in an AP Music Theory book and have a question that someone else with a better knowledge of music theory will probably be able to answer. In my book when talking about many things they use the four voice types as examples, but I write for instruments and don’t know which instrument would go with which voice type. Like if I’m writing for flute, clarinet, trumpet, and alto saxophone (this is just a random example), how would I know which instrument would go with which voice type and get the melody? I thought that maybe it was the instrument’s range but I’m not sure. Thanks
  6. I have trouble a lot of the time with naming my pieces. Usually I just call them “Riley’s Piece #(whatever number)”, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to name a piece.
  7. I was wondering what you guys recommend as a first instrument between trumpet and trombone. It would also be nice if you guys could tell me some things I could do while I don’t have the instrument to practice for it. Thanks!
  8. I was wondering if someone could give some tips on what instruments to boost the bass range of an orchestra, currently I am using EWQLSO and am somewhat limited on the range of certain instruments. Also wondering if they could direct me towards which instruments play which clefs in soprano, alto, tenor, bass.
  9. As the title suggests i want to know what composer you guys admire the most, Baroque, Romantic, Renaissance, 20th century...etc, and why you admire that particular composer. For me personally it is kind of hard to choose but i would ultimately go with Amadeus Mozart for his exceptional ability to compose simple-sounding (almost childish-like) music, which from my point of view no other composer has ever achieved without sounding like just a straight copy of Mozart. There are, of course, a few pieces of his that break this little tradition like his Fantasia in C minor along with the Fantasia in D minor...etc.
  10. Is it possible to cross the break easily on a Bb clarinet once or twice in a quick line? I am writing a Tarantella for Wind Quintet and the Bb Clarinet gets a quick line.
  11. Hello, this will be my first post, so I'm not 100% sure if I am asking this in the right spot. Anyways, I have this song I've been working on for twelve hours, and I have literally no idea what genre it is. I've never tried to make my music conform to any one genre, mostly because I don't really know how to, but I am curious as to what other musicians think it might be. Here is the song: https://db.tt/zQwPDsZX (It's a Dropbox link if you don't recognize it) It's unfinished, but I feel it is complete enough to be able to get a feel for it. The reason I don't know what genre it is is because I improvise the entire thing, no true structure. I feel like a monkey with a keyboard sometimes...
  12. Does anyone know what it is MusicMax? Is it a music publisher, or what?
  13. So, this is what I have trouble with, the one bar: And this is what it sounds like, and it sounds right: http://www.impetus-aesthetica.com/pianoquestion.mp3 My question is what is the proper way to notate this?
  14. Hey, So I am using Finale 2012 to write sheet music, and I recently came across a small presentational dilemma concerning accidentals. This is the choice I have to make: do I use a double flat, or do I use multiple flats and naturals? I know that when I read music, I hate trying to negotiate with double flats, but I think that the music would look very cluttered otherwise. I hope that makes sense.
  15. This may sound like a morbid question, and I apologize if it offends anyone here, but.. we've all seen EKGs and have heard the sounds they make when showing the heartbeat. Does anyone know at what pitch the 'flatline' is at? I've tried googling, but can't find it.
  16. Hey guys, I'm new here. I've been listening to this song on my ipod for a while lately, and I'm not quite sure what the instrument is. It sounds like a bagpipe but beyond that I'm stuck. The link to listen to it is here http://www.mediafire...9kvzg3mybvfz3o. The names is Last of the Mohicans - Riverdance which is throwing me off because I don't believe bagpipes are culturally native american. I appreciate the help, thanks. Try to be as specific as you can, if for example it is a bagpipe say great highland bagpipe or irish uilleann pipes.
  17. Hopefully this is the correct place for this. I am trying to use public-domain sheet music to create riffs and new music using LMMS, but I am not having much luck. I have saved some webpages with information on how to read sheet music; and I started trying to recreate a few bars of Beethoven's Moonlight to increase my non-existent skills. The entire endeavor was mostly fruitless, so I came here for some direction. I am assuming that LMMS' piano roll is grouped in eight sets of eight keys; each group and individual key ranging from A-G; starting at the top. The tutorials I have do not mention anything about the notes that are far below the lines, and I know nothing about the black keys in the piano roll. I know as much as a tone-deaf rock, but I can learn pretty quickly when motivated, I just need a good starting point.
  18. I know that in major, the four leads to the three and the seven leads to the one melodically. When in minor are there still voice leadings? I understand that there's no 'right' answer to any of that, but music theoretically. Also, I vaguely recall reading about chromaticism goes back to the chord, or something like that. So say I am in major, and I've got a major four chord, does the three then lead up to the four?
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