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Since many people don't know where to start when composing microtonal music, I put up a short tutorial on how to get microtonal playback using either and AXiS-49 keyboard or your QWERTY keyboard and some freely available software, with a few examples at the end of different scale structures and chord progressions that are only possible in microtonal music:

Is this helpful? It goes into a *very* shallow description of regular temperament theory and provides more links in the description box, and mostly focusses on getting you playback. Any critiques are appreciated!

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Well there is an organization in Boston which sells textbook and offers in depth classes in microtonal music - I would love to do this someday. On my to do list.


It's interesting that they pick one tuning (72-edo, a tuning with very good approximations of high limit Just Intonation) and base all of their ear training exercises off of that. The school of thought I'm coming from is one more melodically and scale based than harmonically and Just Intonation based, where scale structures are supported by many different possible tunings (along the lines of meantone tunings, but generalized.)

Neat that they provide a scholarship for students composing microtonal music!

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