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Call for Competitions! :D (READ FIRST)

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Hey guys!

Here is the best part about the Non-monthly competitions: They can be ANYTHING you want them to be. No stipulations except for one very important one: There must be some kind of prize.

And, the good part is this: you get to decide what that prize may be. It may NOT be anything worth Money. For that is a legal issue I do not want to breach. However, if you host a competition OFF-SITE and post it here, then you may of course use whatever prize or no prize you wish.

Which brings me, briefly, to Off-site comps. This is where these go. The proper format for posting them is this:

OFF-SITE: [Name of competition]

This is to differentiate before opening a thread whether it is a competition hosted HERE or elsewhere. There are NO guidelines or stipulations for off-site competitions. This is a place to advertise them and get good views. :) My forum gets a decent amount of competitive traffic weekly!

Now, for the ON-SITE comps! There are a few restrictions I'd like to remind everyone!

You do not have to get these pre-approved by me. But, know that if I have questions about it, I will be PMing you. And, I will be VERY scrutinous.

Remember: YOU must come up with some kind of prize (examples: performance. good rendering. Professional Composition lesson on the piece that won. Whatever works. Be creative. If it is creative, I will most likely say yes.)


Have fun with these, guys! I cannot promise there will always be competitions active at the site. But, I will do my best to post off-site Competitions here weekly!

-Mori. (if you have questions or if the forum doesn't work for you, please PM me!)

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