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Lessons With Morgri


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First I'd like to mention to all the possible viewers, that is not very clear what will I suppose to be teaching here :D , let's just say I will just try to help a friend.


Ok, like I said, I recommend you to get the score of Shostakovich Symphonies 5,10,11,13 (i can send the pdfs by mail if you want)

Aside of the study of those works, let's try something, I'll give you some per-estabished harmony, and let's see if you find it useful to create a non atonal piece (for any ensemble you may choose).

Here some progressions:



first, try to add "more of the same", there are 8+8 measures, try to write another 8+8, and is like "ok, go to explore but don't go too far", do go too far that you can't go back to the tonic (Fm) or close (Cm).

Then you can use it for an ensemble if you want.

I hope it helps you.

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