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String Ensemble Competition - Performance

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Thanks for the submissions so far. I am now accepting until December 1. One thing to keep in mind is to try not to have each section completely isolated from each other rhythmically for long stretches. This is the hardest thing technically for high school students to do.

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Yes, I do apologize for not getting to this sooner. I have it narrowed in my own head but want to give my students a chance to be in on it and we are in the midst of a very performance heavy concert season that the students have been preparing for and haven't had time to focus on this with them how I want to. There are a few of you who I have had to ask for some additions to your entry and want to see if the changes can be made. For these reasons, I may not have a chance to give you a decision until after next week. The performance will not be until May 6 so we do have some time.

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Ok,  I have given this some thought and what I would like to do is this:

I am choosing 4 finalists. These 4 will have the opportunity to make any edits that they wish by Jan 1. By then, I need finalized parts and scores. On Jan 3, when students return to school, we will sight read each composers piece and choose the winner as a group. The finalists are:

Ian - Sonatina

Austentine - String Serenade (Valse mvt)

Sam Wu - I am allowing him to submit a shortened version or piece since I enjoyed his quite long piece.

Timmy - Epitaph

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