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String Ensemble Competition - Performance

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As I have checked these works, I think Austenite's Serenade should be selected, unless it's too difficult for the orchestra. ;) Some of the works should not have been sent, they are not yet even on ba

We read through all pieces this week and the voting was very close but the winner and the piece we will perform is Timmy's Epitaph. I think my students enjoyed its beautiful simplicity and could relat

Hi All, I haven't posted here in quite some time but am now a high school string orchestra teacher. I teach at a high school that I would say has an intermediate level orchestra for this age group an

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If you're doing this again next year, I will surely love to submit something! I feel a lot more confident now writing for strings, and I'm pretty sure I can come up with something you and your students will enjoy. And Timmy, I loved your piece, you very well deserved to win this competition, great job! 

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I will definitely be opening this up again next year. It will probably have guidelines with some sort of theme. We do a fall concert so perhaps a fall/halloween themed piece may be the contest. I am also considering some kind of special concert with music performed to video/projected images so something along those lines is also possible. One idea I have is a video game themed concert with projections - all just ideas in the air right now. I may keep the young composers piece still just open to any ideas you all have. We will see. Look for more info as we get into the summer and I brain storm next year's concerts a bit more.

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