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Tolkien Composition Competition

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Tolkien Composition Competition:


I'm sure there are many, like myself, on this forum who have a great appreciate for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Through out his books Tolkien incorporates many songs and poems that, I believe, give life and depth to his great works. This competition is to compose a piece or small set of pieces for Soprano and Piano based on a poem, writing or any text authored by Tolkien




1. The piece needs to be for soprano and piano. The voice range should not go beyond two Cs above middle C or below A flat below middle C.  


2. Text could be a poem from the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, the Silmarillion etc... any text written by Tolkien. 


3. As Tolkien was greatly influenced by literature from the renaissance and medieval times I'd ask that there be some influence from medevial and renaissance harmony/counterpoint.


4. The total length of the song/songs should not exceed 10 minutes in total length.


5. Perhaps don't over complicate it and just have fun!


Due date February 14, 2014


The winner will have their work recorded by myself at piano and a friend of mine who is an accomplished musician and has a beautiful voice.


Good Luck!

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What a lovely idea!  Do you have a preference for any of Tolkien's languages?  My Dwarvish is very rusty but my Quenya is probably still passable enough to break up the syllables properly.  :)


If you wanted to do one of his poems that he wrote in Dwarvish, Elvish, etc... you're welcome too. The only thing I ask, so that the words are pronounced correctly, is if you do a language other than english under each word include how it would sound roughly if pronounced in english. Thanks! 

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