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Zvi Zeitlin Memorial International Composer's Competition

Guest Kevin

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Zvi Zeitlin Memorial International Composer's Competition

apply at www.cuatropuntos.org

For composers age 35 and under

Cash Prizes  

Winner's score performed in multiple countries, including many repeat performances in the United States and several South American locations.

Top four compositions will be professionally recorded and released on an album by Cuatro Puntos, and composer will receive a percentage of all sales as royalty payments

13 awards given

The great violinist and pedagogue Zvi Zeitlin was a champion of modern music. He traveled the world as a soloist with the world's greatest orchestras and a recitalist at the most respected venues across the globe, right up to his 90th birthday. He is well known for his recordings and interpretation of the atonal music of Arnold Schoenberg, including his monumental violin concerto. He premiered concertos written for him by Gunther Schuller, Paul Ben-Haim, and Carlos Surinach. During the second half of his life he was professor of violin at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, as well as at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California. He traveled the world giving masterclasses and teaching the next generation of violinists. Zvi Zeitlin was born in Belarus, raised and educated in Israel, and was the youngest scholarship recipient ever at  the Juilliard school in New York (at age 11.) He was a member of the British Royal Airforce during World War II, and performed for Allied troops across the globe.

 Mr. Zeitlin was a true global citizen and a promoter of the music of his time, and thus a perfect model for the mission and goals of Cuatro Puntos.  We thank the Zeitlin family for their support in making this competition possible. 


Guidelines at a Glance


    GRAND PRIZE- The grand prize winner will receive a $500USD cash prize. A piece by the composer will be performed on several of our concerts in the United States, and during our tour of South America from August 10-30, 2014, including performances in Brazil and Bolivia. Following the live performances, Cuatro Puntos will make a studio recording of the work, and will strike an agreement with the composer to release the recording on a commercially-available album, with royalties paid to the composer for all copies of the album sold. The winner may choose which of his/her works will be performed (based on availability of performers,) and it does not have to be the piece entered in the competition. The winner may, on his or her own accord, choose to write a new piece of music to be premiered, but a new work is not required. The overall winner will receive the title of "grand prize winner," and will be publicized as such in all related articles and materials in the United States and abroad.

    RUNNERS UP (3)- Three scores will be chosen from those submitted to be performed by Cuatro Puntos during the 2014-2015 concert season, as well as possibly on the 2014 South American Tour. These scores will be included on a professional, studio recording, with an agreement to release the recording on a commercially-available album, with royalties paid to the composer for all copies of the album sold.

(live performances dates/locations TBD)
These artists will receive formal recognition of these awards on all publications and web media regarding the competition.

Emerging Composer's Award - Awarded to an applicant age 18 or under at time of Deadline. (please note that the judge's panel will not know the age of the applicants, and therefore age is not a determining factor and will not increase/decrease chances for Grand Prize or Runner Up prizes. Once these awards have been chosen, scores written by composers age 18 and under will be sorted and re-evaluated for this award.

Award for Unique Instrumentation - Awarded to an applicant who effectively utilizes non-traditional instrumentation in chamber music.

Cuatro Puntos Award - Awarded to a composer whose work includes flute and strings.

Continental Awards -  One composer representing each continent will be chosen to be represented on a "New Music Around the World" performance. 
                         Continental Award for North America
                         Continental Award for South America
                         Continental Award for Europe
                         Continental Award for Asia
                         Continental Award for Africa
                         Continental Award for Australia (and surrounding islands)


    The Zvi Zeitlin Memorial International Composition Competition is open to any composer age 35 or under, from any country.


     You should send any score for chamber music/small ensemble that you feel represents your style. You DO NOT need to write a new composition for this competition. We want to see something you have already written. The instrumentation or number of instruments the score is written for is not important, as long as it is written as chamber music or for small ensemble. (not a symphonic score.) A recording (live or midi) should be submitted with the score. A description of the piece, its conception, meaning, and/or compositional process may be provided, if desired.


    Scores will be reviewed by an unbiased panel of composition teachers and musicians. Any marking of the composer's name or dates will be whited out before the scores are submitted to the panel, and the composer's resume/bio will not be considered in the decision process. Decisions will be made entirely based on artistic qualities of the score.  A description of the piece, its conception, meaning, and/or compositional process may be provided for consideration with the score, if desired. This description should not contain the name/dates of the composer. Grand Prize Winner will be chosen entirely by the review panel. The panel will recommend scores for the three runner-up positions. The musicians of Cuatro Puntos will review these scores, and will choose three based on resources/instrumentation available to perform them in the 2014-2015 concert season. 


    Febraury 15, 2014: Final Deadline
    March 1, 2014: Grand Prize Winner, and 12 other awards announced.
    April 2014 - December 2015: performances of winner's scores in various concerts around the world. 

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