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Guest Kirsten

SACRA/PROFANA introduces the first annual SOUND/PROJECT Summer Choral Intensive, a week-long program open to recommended high school vocalists in San Diego County.  The 2014 Call for Scores aims to provide students involved with the opportunity to premiere a new composition in tandem with the 20-voice professional choir SACRA/PROFANA.  

(For more information, please visit sacraprofana.org.)



Deadline: May 1, 2014 - winners will be announced June 1, 2014.


Fee:  There is no fee to enter.


Our Mission:  To provide the high school students involved in the Sound/Project Summer Choral Intensive with the opportunity to premiere a new work.



Compositions should use one of the following texts; (see attached page for full texts)

“The Singers”  by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Refuge”  by Sara Teasdale

I Dream a World” by Langston Hughes

American composers of any age or institutional affiliation are eligible to submit scores.

Compositions should not exceed ten minutes.

Compositions should be scored for SATB Chorus (divisi optional) with or without piano accompaniment.




Please e-mail kirsten@sacraprofana.org to receive and complete the application form.

All required application materials (score/parts, application form) must be submitted via email to kirsten@sacraprofana.org.

Multiple submissions must be submitted separately.

Scores should be submitted in PDF file format.

A composer bio or resume (attached to the application form) is encouraged, but not required.  The selection committee will not see the bio until after the judging process is complete.

Only complete applications/compositions will be considered for performance.

On the score, please eliminate all identifying information, except for the title of work.  Compositions will remain anonymous throughout the judging process.



Submissions will be judged by SACRA/PROFANA artistic staff members for the Sound/Project Summer Choral Intensive 2014.

Questions can be sent to kirsten@sacraprofana.org.

Please refrain from including work titles in inquiries to preserve anonymity in the judging process.



Winner (1):  $250 cash prize and a featured premiere performance on Saturday, July 19th at the University of San Diego.  The performing choir will consist of 50 (or more) of San Diego County’s most talented high school vocalists, as well as the 20-voice professional choir SACRA/PROFANA.  

Additional submissions may be considered for future SACRA/PROFANA performances.

Winners will be notified via e-mail, and announced via SACRA/PROFANA’s webpage, Facebook page, and Twitter page.

SACRA/PROFANA reserves the right to not select winners, but in doing so will forfeit the rights to perform submissions


The Singers

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


God sent his Singers upon earth 

With songs of sadness and of mirth, 

That they might touch the hearts of men, 

And bring them back to heaven again.


The first, a youth, with soul of fire, 

Held in his hand a golden lyre; 

Through groves he wandered, and by streams, 

Playing the music of our dreams.


The second, with a bearded face, 

Stood singing in the market-place, 

And stirred with accents deep and loud 

The hearts of all the listening crowd.


A gray old man, the third and last, 

Sang in cathedrals dim and vast, 

While the majestic organ rolled 

Contrition from its mouths of gold.


And those who heard the Singers three 

Disputed which the best might be; 

For still their music seemed to start 

Discordant echoes in each heart,


But the great Master said, "I see 

No best in kind, but in degree; 

I gave a various gift to each, 

To charm, to strengthen, and to teach.


"These are the three great chords of might, 

And he whose ear is tuned aright 

Will hear no discord in the three, 

But the most perfect harmony.




Sara Teasdale


From my spirit's gray defeat,

From my pulse's flagging beat,

From my hopes that turned to sand

Sifting through my close-clenched hand,

From my own fault's slavery,

If I can sing, I still am free.


For with my singing I can make

A refuge for my spirit's sake,

A house of shining words, to be

My fragile immortality.






I Dream a World

Langston Hughes


I dream a world where man 

No other man will scorn, 

Where love will bless the earth 

And peace its paths adorn 

I dream a world where all 

Will know sweet freedom's way, 

Where greed no longer saps the soul 

Nor avarice blights our day. 

A world I dream where black or white, 

Whatever race you be, 

Will share the bounties of the earth 

And every man is free, 

Where wretchedness will hang its head 

And joy, like a pearl, 

Attends the needs of all mankind- 

Of such I dream, my world!

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