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99Composers - Organize A Competition And Invite Musicians To Perform Your Music Piece

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Hey guys,

   Anyone would like to organize an online music competition and invite musicians to perform your music piece? Please have a look at the introduction video here to see how it works.


Main features:

1. You decide how much to award the prize winner and you will be the judge for the competition as you know who perform your song the best.

2. You can get hundreds of people performing your music piece and sharing the music performance for you (thru social sharing). I got this idea from online design competition platform.

3. You can ask your friends to support you by donating a few dollars to your competition in our platform (So this competition is their birthday gift for you this year)

4. Different from traditional competition, competitors can submit their performance on the site early and composers can give feedback to them and the competitors can improve their performance and resubmit many times before the deadline so that their performance will match the composers' taste the best.

5. Apart from the champion, you can give out 'Honorable Mention' award to those who perform well as well.

6. After the competition and the prize money is awarded to the winner, you have the right to use their winning competition performance for your own promotional purpose.



We will be sponsoring a few competitions when we are launching our site some time in April. If you would like your song to be considered, please fill in the form here


If you have more ideas and suggestions about the competition, please feel free to discuss here. If you are interested in launching a competition, please also reply to this post as well so I can see how many of you are interested in it. Thanks.


If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please feel free to send me a message as well.



Patrick Chu

Founder of 99Composers

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