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Looking For A Similar Composer Like Marek Brezovsky

Kamil Adamčík

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Hey guys.


Thanks to new schoolmate in conservatory I started this week I got to know music of Marek Brezovsky. Slovakian composer who sadly died when he was 20 due to heroin overdose (some say he wanted to do it.... he was moody almost like manio-depressive)


The THING is. His music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard anything better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smho24UDlps he made classical works and 

albums for more popular music. By his father he was motivated to join popular music and classical together. 


This schoolmate of mine said that his music contains everything and no other musician can make the same impact (in a way that when you start listening to others you just want Brezovsky back). And after listening to him myself I can only agree. It's like his music paints colorful butterflies that start to fly in my stomach. Really! My stomach tickles : I . It's just.... W.O.W!




Do you know somebody whose music can be close to Marek Brezovsky? 



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