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Hello all,


I had already posted the beginning of this project on the old site a few weeks back, but it has been substantially modified since then.

In short, I am writing a cantata about the life of Brian Boru (a High King of Ireland) - the idea came about 2014, the 1000th anniversary of his death, but was only put into pratice a few months ago, libretto included.

There is a bit already, but it's far from finished. :)

As far as the orchestration goes, I am fairly comfortable in writing for voices as I'm a singer myself (and as such, I do realise I don't always ask easy things from them) and with flutes, though I'm not academically trained and rather play the folk instrument than the classical one. Sadly my knowledge of instruments doesn't stretch any further and although I am quite sure the ranges are correct, I am not aware of difficulties that may arise in playing.

Any advice on the composition itself - including the libretto - is of course very welcome, but just as much so any comments on my orchestration.

Be warned that I know the ensemble I chose to write for is not conventional, it's meant to be that way. Also be warned: I use Irish traditional instruments in this cantata (so far, an Irish flute and a tin whistle, but I'm planning for Uilleann pipes too - it is supposed to be patriotic, after all :P ) and am fully aware of how unusual it is, but their use always makes sense, for instance when a traditional tune is being played in the first part of the overture.

Therefore also keep in mind I am not writing this for any reason in particular, and especially am not planning on having it performed, it's just a wild project - some write books they'll never get published, I write cantatas nobody will ever play.


That being said, enjoy ! :D



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5 hours ago, favi said:

I don't think you have writer's block.  I think the piece may be done?


It's solid from my point of view.

I certainly don't have writer's block, but the piece is far from finished and hence the fact I posted it here in Incomplete Works - indeed the parts I posted are "finished" from my point of view, but the whole project isn't.

As I mentioned, I am also in dire need of advice as far as brass and strings go (for that matter, for most woodwinds too) hence posting it here Under "Suggestions" :)


Thanks for your opinion on its "solidity" ! :)

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