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Ave maris stella for mixed choir

Sojar Voglar

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I composed this choral piece in 2012 for 15th anniversary of Saint Nicholas choir. I consider it as my major breakthrough in choral composition. Not only this is currently my most popular choral piece but it brought me numerous commissions from other choirs and today my opus of choral music has increased to 30. Although the music here ventures into the world of German Romanticism with extended harmony of 20th century I am proud of it. The middle section with its measure of 10/8 gave our conductor a lot of trouble. :)


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I think this is amazing. Not only for the composition itself, which is quite beautiful, but also for the live performance (with video).

The middle section in 10/8 is very intresting with the obstinato in the upper voices.

I also love the dissonances here and there.

You're a great composer, I find this kind of works difficult.

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This was really lovely, Sojar.  I seem to see a lot of composers who either shy away from using cluster chords, especially in a cappella works, because they see them as too difficult, or they use them just for the sake of feeling contemporary, but without the notes making any logical sense.  Here, they add warmth and depth to the sound, but they belong there perfectly.  It's not surprising that the choir tuned them all beautifully, because the musical language just makes sense.  You've done a great job here.  Congratulations!

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