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I actually saw these chords researching on a blog where a guy was teaching about minor and major thirds:

Em - Gm - Em - Cm

I thought they sounded good and decided to make something out of it. 


Listening to this a few I noticed a few things I should and shouldn't have done.

1.) The start of the harp arpeggio was too loud, it should have been a quieter note which would've led into the rest section better.

2.) Drums/timpani should've been louder and sustained a bit more (still trying to work with Stormdrum)

3.) Perhaps there was a bit of clashing.

4.) I think the waiting time during the rest portion was a bit long.

Hope it was ok. The general idea was to portray an impending doom. The start of a grave threat that is slowly approaching, and having that sense that no matter what we face there are still those who will fight despite their imminent death.

The beginning was the start of the darkness approaching, quiet and eerie. The warriors of light senses this and fights. The rest section is to convey a sense of defeat and towards the end is the anthem of the darkness which has won.

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Those were not the chords you used: You used Em, G, Em, Cm. The purpose of having the Gm in there is so that it sounds like a half diminished chord from the tonic.
My main issue with this piece is the lack of a developed melody. I hear that it sort of starts to form one in the beginning, but otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of chords to me. 

I appreciated your modal changes in the middle. It changed the vibe without changing the atmosphere.

The length of the rest portion could have been mitigated a little bit if it were led into better, but yes, perhaps it was a bit long. 

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Fitting the general melody in there somewhere was something I was having trouble with because I kinda wanted to keep the brass and the choir in there without risking a clash but I knew it was missing and would probably be noticed. 

Then again maybe I could've fit in somewhere if I would've deleted some of the notes in each chord to keep it more clean and non cluttered. Hmmm...I may just keep working with this and make it longer so I'll most likely be posting a second version.

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