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Romance, Op98

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Hey, I am a Chinese, I like to compose music, I studied it by myself, I have never took a composing lesson, I would like those professionals to give me some suggestion--how can I improve my composing skills, thanks!

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I'm typically a fan of altered phrase lengths, but in this case it kind of felt awkward, especially in the beginning. It didn't feel like a 4 bar phrase and then 2, or even a big 6, just an extra thing tagged on on the dominant (5) to resolve to the tonic (1).

Chords were generally okay. I found a lot of the ornaments unnecessary, even though I'm pretty sure they were there just so things didn't get hugely repetitive. A couple of your neighboring tones, especially on the dominant chord where it's not clear if you're using the leading tonic or a suspension.

Metric modulation from 6/8 to 4/4 felt a little forced. It's not listesso and kind of falls through the cracks on being totally natural.

It sounds generally nice, though; I'm impressed by your effort.

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