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Happy Halloween guys

G Jozef W

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hi, i'm new here. let me introduce myself. i'm Jozef , 21 years old. i live in indonesia. i'm a video game composer, freelancing, and work as a soundtracker (mainly). it's really rare here in my country to see a type of composer like me. and well. i already read few topics here and seems like it will suit for me. i started composing since 16 years old, i play games a lot, it's like i'm hunting a video game music, even if i don't interested in the game. i still play them to listen to the music.


here is one of my composition.i just started a new channel in youtube. (i already have an account that contains me playing piano).

i appreciate critics and comments ! Happy halloween guys ! (it's already 1november, though)
i'm not easily feel offended. so feel free to criticize me and my works! have a good day!

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Welcome; hope you find what you're looking for here.

It's meant to fit, rather than stand, which I get, and when you do change the progression around it's gorgeous, but many times timbre doesn't help the main progression much. i - i6/4 - V6/4 - V7 doesn't feel like a home progression or main theme after a while... sounds obligatory after a while.

Because of the context I guess the way it sounds rather than how it would be analyzed is more important so I will definitely say it sounds nice in both quality and structure, but the repeated time is extensive to me.

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