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Storydriven Organ music

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I've recently tried a new composing style and wanted your thoughts on the results.

I basically sat down on the organ and thought of a quick story (like a chase for example), saw what came to my mind and learnt the piece by heart until I was able to reliably record it without making too many mistakes.

I've recorded 3 of my attempts, I'm going to give you a quick insight about what they are supposed to capture.


1st example:

Supposed to simbolize someone going outside after a very heavy thunder storm, getting onto a train and daydreaming, but the train hits the emergency breaks and the adrenaline induces almost a panic attack, which then leads to him fainting and having another dream, that is more sinister than the first one.


Example #2:

Someone walking through a very mysterious yet sinister enviroment and then getting chased, basically running until he finds shelter. I find the end to be a bit unsatisfactory, but I don't want to judge my own music.


Example 3:

I'm not quite sure of this one, but what I can remember that it was supposed to represent someone waking up, and having a sick day.


I'd love to know what you think about them. I wouldn't even mind being told every single one is a disaster, as long as I can learn from my mistakes.

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