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Occasionally there were places like around 1:10 where you have a m9 or a P11 resolution to another chord tone already in the chord, which sounded a bit awkward only having one voice do it. 
I also do kind of agree it got a bit growly and "epic" (more, the genre) for a whisper as well. Sometimes the bass voicing was a little less cinematic to serve a more functional purpose, so there are costs and benefits to both.

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Hello! I like the mood it produces. It seems more a "Forest Battle" than a "Forest Whisper" to me after 2:28, though. Good job! Another thing besides the composition itself is the mix. I don´t know if it is because the earplugs I´m using, but it sounds really distorted at some points. Consider subtractive EQ and Level Balancing before exporting. ;)

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