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Hello! This are spme of my growing collection of scores for a book I am writing. They all have special themes and are completely original. THanks! They are not up to their full potential however since this is an electronic orchestra and is not real. I also have not touched all of them up so some are more rich than others.The Longest Road is actually a bonus track that is not really a score.

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Hello! Congratulations for your music and your upcoming book. First of all, it would be good to know what the book is about in order to see if the music would fit the story. Second,  it is ok to use virtual instruments instead of real ones. While it is true one would prefer a real orchestra over a virtual one, a good composer can craft a good piece using basic stuff. Now, I sincerely believe you are walking the right path, however there is a problem in some of your compositions: melody is not clear. Remember that the melody is like a story, you are telling a story. Is a journey, you are taking people in a journey, but instead of words you are using motifs, instead of letters, notes, but is a story you are writting. Your stories are kind of unclear to me, sometimes I don´t understand where they are taking me. For example, what would you think if I say: "Yesterday I because it is a delicious after the clouds when I go because everytime I do then it will begin". Did you understand? What if I ask you to read an entire book written like that? You have to say something with the melody. You have to craft your melodies, really give them shape. Melody is the most important part of the composition, don´t forget it. If melody is not clear, then something should come and lead the people´s minds in the journey. In your music, sometimes I feel a beautiful story is emerging... and then it gets lost completly and I don´t understand where it is taking me. It´s really hard to follow up the musical ideas in some of these pieces, but as I say, it´s clear you are walking the right path! Just improve your melody crafting! :)

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23 hours ago, Juan José said:

Melody is the most important part of the composition, don´t forget it.

That's a bit too sweeping of a statement. I wouldn't take that as fact.

Anyway, OP's music. In general, you need to play with your dynamic range a lot more in each of these, but here are some things I noticed with a quick glance at each of the movements. 
1. Step out the tonality of F and C a little bit here. It's really nice but could use an extra push.
2. The chord shifts in this one are a little strange. You seem to be wanting to establish a contrapuntal between the cello/viola and the bass voice, but it resolves strangely sometimes making it sound like non-functional harmony when it seems like you wanted more.
3. 9-8 and early suspensions got you here.
4. Lovely and creative! Maybe don't have your bass voice always follow the melody; some homophony is good.
5. When there's no motion in the background or foreground, the background can move to counteract the dropoff in energy.
6. Some 11th or m13th chords (sometimes in parallel) were a little distracting, but overall it was good.
7. Nonharmonic tones in this one were a little strange... I couldn't tell what atmosphere you were going for.
8. Good use of motives in this one, but sometimes it can fit in chords with varying the harmonic rhythm sometimes.
9. Ending on that 9th chord could have been cool.
10. When you have two notes in unison and one moves it creates a dissonance that, in functional harmony, should resolve in the listener's ear, not just move to suspend it.
11. I think you could have established A minor a little more clearly in the beginning; it almost sounds like C major.

Good work overall though! Ambitious project-

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Kay thanks guys. Sorry that the message is unclear. If i ever finish the book, then im sure you could read it and understand. The jist; mystical land. Not in our time. Ilun is. A small yet happily isolated town. Loravale is the continent. A very special but war torn place. I have the unmelodious parts for the disruption and confuaion of the land and kingdoms. The valley, is a nother way for saying the center part of loravale; a region. In ruins wake is a melodramatic piece with the aftermath of the first war thus confiscating the other songs. Thanks!


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Also, i forgot to mention. The c and f tones are actually nit alot. Lol. This is only a few tracks in total, i have many useges of other keys. Lets just say that this is the album in the key of c, f, and d. Thanks!

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