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Hello everybody,

I want to compose a piece to submit in a national competition.
They do give a list of all instrument, I can write for, but they do not give a precise list for the percussion instruments (one percussionist by the way).
The only thing they say is ''slagwerk (klein slagwerk en drumset),'' which means ''percussion (small percussion and drumset).''
Which instrument belong to this 'small percussion' (next to drumset)? Is it a standard formation / formule or do I have to contact one of the organizers?

I am looking forward to your response!


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1 hour ago, ilv said:

I would contact one of the organizers. Small percussion instruments can include cymbals, woodblocks, tambourine, and more.



1 hour ago, pateceramics said:

It may mean the percussionist will bring whatever you need for the piece, as long as it's standard sorts of stuff that they have already, but I agree, it might be a good idea to ask.  Most percussionists seem to enjoy amassing large collections.  


Thank you both! I contacted the organizer.

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