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Composer fee for unfinished film

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I am trying to figure out what to invoice for a piece of music I wrote. A film maker friend brought me in on a project she was working on. The film was unfinished and she really needed music. The finished film would have been 3:30.

My original quote to the production team was $100 per minute for finished music, and I would have done two rounds of edits. The production team was aware of this quote, but there was never a formal agreement about this rate.

I wrote music for the unfinished film and the producers ditched the film, which included my composition. They are willing to compensate me. It's a matter of me telling them what to pay me. I'd be interested in working with them again, so I feel hesitant to charge my original rate, since they ended up ditching the film and the music.

Question is: stick with my rate or charge some type of flat fee, since they didn't use the music?


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Charge them a lesser rate, but get it in writing that you have full rights back to the music, so you can adjust it and re-use it with a future project as you see fit?  Lets them off the hook a little, doesn't completely throw you under the bus, and gives you a good reason for the discount so you look business-like, and not like a pushover?  

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