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Hello everybody,

Since I am Dutch, I am very interested in Dutch art, like architecture, painting, design and... music.
In the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) Holland ruled the seas and the painting art, theater and literature flourished. Holland was the place to be.
Vermeer, Rembrandt etc.
Also after this period, Dutch artists were very succesful both nationally and internationally. Think about Van Gogh, Mondriaan etc. However, I suddenly noticed that Dutch composers are not very well-known (or succesful). Germany has Bach, Mendelssohn etc, Russia has Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky etc., Austria has Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert etc. France has Bizet, Debussy, Ravel etc. And so on...

The only well-known Dutch composers are Sweelinck and Andriessen. Why are there so few famous Dutch composers?

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