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Hello, everyone.
I just started composing songs since past 4 months with Musescore 2.1. I did make a simple composition for my student community's mini angklung assemble. Since then I tried to make some other partiture from my favorite songs and also some original songs.
This time I want to share my latest project, which is kind of mini assemble contains partly vocals, brass and string instruments.

I hope you guys can give me some feedbacks, so I can improve my skills and make better songs in the future.
Thank you :grin: 

P.S.: I still new in the forum, so If I posted this in a wrong category, please notify me :)  



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This melody is diverse but you used a weak synthesizer instruments for that which better be replaced by a higher quality of instruments.
You however did very well creating a medieval melody and it may fit more into a Super Nintendo Title of a level, as the instruments are around that quality.

Try to find instruments that are more vivid in feel!

Enjoy composing!

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