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Awesome piece! It sounds to me like a standalone instrumental movie soundtrack, although it could probably be a concert piece, too. It starts out in a heroic fashion with a calm middle section. A heroic section concludes the piece. I think this is great movie music for fantasy or adventure movies. Excellent harmony and orchestration.

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An Overture is one way to describe it. There are so many instruments... do you need them all? Try reducing the amount of instruments needed as a project; see what's the status quo for this piece (minimum amount of instruments that doesn't hinder the effect of sound). I'm not sure if you have connections with a full orchestra + concert band but getting an ensemble to play this would be quite a bit of work. Perhaps even a smaller scale version for only concert band or a smaller group of instruments would give you a better chance of getting your composition played. 


Hope these suggestions helped in some way (sorry couldn't comment too much on the actual piece as I'm only good with chamber works)!

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