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Perseverance and Blaze~My Compositions

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I am sorry the text is all the way down here, please listen to my music if any of you would like to, please email me cjrhenhome@gmail.com, send me some of your songs, share some of mine, sibscribe to me if you like. I am going to start putting out lots more content. I am a trumpet and sax player and will begin doing more of that. Also you can hear my ideas and some horn playing at instagram, wind_player1. Thank You, I would love to work with any of you.

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Hi Christian. I listened to Blaze, and enjoyed it. You've done a good job writing a piece that has a fun feel to it, and there's a nice contrast between very jubilant moments and slightly darker material.

There was a sour note at around 0:41 that I found really jarring, and I think it really throws off the voice leading in the little brass chorale thing there. Also,  I probably would have continued the 16th note lines in the flute, clarinets, and saxes at 3:40 rather than having them play 8ths with the rest of the band, in order to avoid losing forward momentum going into the next phrase. Otherwise, I don't have any suggestions.

Cheers, and welcome to the community! I may listen to Perseverance later and share my thoughts, if I have any. 

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