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S.G. Faustmann

Pinefrost Tower & Yngol's Doom (2 pieces inspired by the Skyrim game)

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Hello :) After little pause I would like you to invite in two stories inspired by The Elder Scrolls game series lore.

Enjoy, friends :)

PS. The music in Youtube has included quiet atmosphere sounds, just to increase immerse of listening.

Youtube link - Pinefrost Tower 
First is about old imperial tower, which is ruined by now. But i wanted to show its majestic in 'gold era'.

Youtube link - Yngol's Doom
Second one is more complex, that include mythological warrior persons, sea of ghosts and drama.

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Only have time to go over Pinefrost for now:
Ambiguous rhythm is well played here. Obviously gets more noticeable with time, but it's a neat effect.
I think your delays/sound bleeds can afford to be a little less. With some of the more obvious chord changes, it muddies them a little, taking away from some of the intensity.
Good changes in here, but you don't need to stay totally on i and VII to make a statement about it. Using the i pedal is a little bit overdone in my opinion, as well. When you move to IV it's nice, but seems like a product of the repetitive figure. 
Area around 2:25 is muddied with suspensions and retardations that move in parallel making them a bit awkward.

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Thank You Saigen for you opinion, I'm glad you like it! :)

Monarcheon, I'm always shocked, how much knowledge you have, hearing and how good you can feel every little detail. Thank You so much for this feedback, every time I put something here i got learned as never. Thank You :)

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