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Hello everyone, I'm coming back, this is my new piece, hope you like it.

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This movement was sure a lot of work, and has some nice melodies, which undergo changes in key and timbre that let all instruments shine (which is a virtue too often neglected by Composer's.) The cat-call like figure of the clarinet was particularly nice. However, some things are really difficult to be played, like semiquavers in quintuplets and sextuplets against normal quavers, or even impossible, like tremolo on the horn staying on a note. And there are many instances of such commands that wind players can only act out if they are interpreting them freely. 

Also, as this seems to be movement three of opus 107, I would check the sectional approach you have taken. Multi-movement works with multisectional movements are possible, but very delicate to do right.

One last thing : I would encourage you to comment on works of other fellows here, as you have a broad musical knowledge,  if I look through your output. Also, as the Golden Rule says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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