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Acoustic Cover Kids aren't allright - Offspring


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The harmony in this one is a little bit weird when everything is together. Sounds like a lot of embellishing tones that don't get resolved correctly, especially with A->B going to the G chord.
Second inversion pivot chords with G minor are also a weird addition.
I'm not a huge fan of the original song to begin with, but this version loses a lot of the connotation behind the words in the song's delivery. It's a very bright arrangement.

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Yeah sounds like some clashing walking bass notes, with guitar. and guitar clashes. A few dissonances in the music can be gotten away with, but too many and the brain, doesn't like it.. 

I've founding moving clashing note up an octave changes the chordal structure.  Also some clashing notes, if soft and short enough, can be gotten away with..  It's good to experiment with it. it can be a very useful tool in future compositions.. Still good work. 

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