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Challenge: Numbers into music

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Use the Random Numbers Generator provided and come up with 12 numbers (change the maximum to 10, being the 10th note of the scale), re-arrange those numbers however you want, you can delete UP TO 5 numbers.

Translate the numbers into letters of the musical scale, this can either translate into the steps like twelve-tone or just the notes of a scale. Create a melody out at least some of the notes and you MUST use those notes TWICE in your peice (the melody does not count). No time limit.

You get to choose the specific instrument or instruments but the MONTH you were born will determine your section (you have to stay in that section, see exceptions in bold).

          Percussion (Piano NOT included) : December and November 

          Piano: February and April

          Strings (Harp included) : March and May

          Woodwind (clarinet, bassoon, Piccolo, flutes, oboe, saxophone, English horn) : June and July

          Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, et cetera) : August and September

          Electronic (synths , et cetera) : October and January

A special rule for people born on February 29th: You can choose TWO instruments from another section or sections

IF YOU WERE BORN ON ANY HOLIDAYS (widely celebrated |=| CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, Arbor Day, Boxing Day, CINCO DE MAYO, ET CETRA) : You can choose ONE instrument from another section

(Post when done!)

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Probably I am a  bit dense, but what are we supposed to do with the numbers? Build a twelve-tone row? Pitch-class set? Create a melody out of it?

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