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Nocturne in C major, Op. 5, and Romance in E major, both for Piano Trio

Theodore Servin

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These 2 pieces for Piano Trio were written for the Moscow Conservatory's 2018 International Winter School, along with the Etude-Tableau in B-flat minor, Op. 6. The musicians who performed it were Mikhail Akinfin and Alexandra Parfeneva, from the Piano Quartet performance, with of course myself at the piano. I might combine these 2 pieces (not conjoin them!), and possibly add more movements to make a full Piano Trio, with a possibly programmatic element to it.

Here are the performances on Youtube:

Nocturne in C major, Op. 5:


Romance in E major:


I hope you all enjoy. 🙂


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Regarding the nocturne, I enjoyed this greatly. I could hear all sorts of things happening in it, but I do not have the vocabulary to express what I heard. I liked the chords being pushed a long way into dissonance, making it all the sweeter when the dissonance was resolved. Mostly I heard the dissonance on the piano, but also occasionally between the viola and the 'cello. The piece is richly romantic, and I shall listen to it again on future occasions.

Regarding the romance, it sounded less complex than the nocturne. Very satisfying.

Would I be way off the mark if I mentioned the name of Sergei Rachmaninoff as an influence? (Please don't take offence.)

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Thank you for your comment @Hughes! I very happy to hear that you like these trios.

Regarding influence, I wouldn't say Rachmaninoff was a big influence on these pieces, in terms of composition, at least, but I might have looked to his 2 Elegiac Trios for orchestration ( by the way, I absolutely love those Trios). But I'm not not offended in the least; on the contrary, I'm honored to be compared to Rachmaninoff in some way or another. If you seen the Favorite Composers section of my profile, his name is on the list.

Again, thank you for your comment. Though you must forgive my correction: the trios are scored for violin, cello, and piano, not for viola.

All the best,

Theo 🙂

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