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Any string libraries that are like violin/viola section melody loops/lines?


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Hey there, I'm looking at different ways to get a realistic violin and voila section sound for a song. 

I had this idea of using pitch correction/auto-tune in melodyne to adjust violin or viola section phrases, just an idea. Maybe there are even some classical songs or game soundtracks that have a melody line I could rip and adjust? Otherwise I've just been looking at the 8dio violin library, but it'd be great if I could splice and tune some phrases. 

Thanks way ahead of time!

- Mark

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The best way is with an actual multi-sample library like Cinematic (Studio) Strings, Cinestrings, the stupid amount of string libraries Spitfire makes, etc.

As for phrase libraries there are a couple like Action Strings by Native Instruments or maybe Sonuscore's "The Orchestra".

But adjusting an existing phrase from like a loop library or existing piece is going to sound bad, especially with pitch-shifting. You'll also be severly limited in the music you can make with that method.

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