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Brandon S.

An Irish Proverb I - Brandon Schwab Feedback Appreciated

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A rough draft of something I wrote a while ago and never finished. As someone who has only professionally wrote for wind orchestras, and as someone who has never played a string instrument other than guitar, any and all criticism is welcome

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Slurs should really only be used as markings for bowings on string instruments. Some traditionalists will tell you otherwise, but you run the risk of confusing modern players.
The z thing you're using as a tremolo marking is never seen. Three dashes should be used.
The intro with the mixolydian sounded fine, if not a bit rushed. The rest's reliance on Lydian mode/tritones sounded really off to me personally. Felt like a departure; fiddle music doesn't really use the tritone unless it's a leading tone.
 The way 118 is written is going to confuse a lot of people.
Overall it's a fine exercise, but it sounds mostly just like an exercise.

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