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Es Uzgaju Ganidama (Latvian Daina TTBB)


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Hi there! I recently performed with and served as a cultural ambassador for the National Guard Orchestra of Latvia. During that time, I became very interested in Latvian culture and Latvian music. Part of their culture is the daina or short folk song/poem. I took a particularly pretty one that seemed appropriate given the end of summer and set it to music. I was listening to a lot of Satie when I wrote this, and I feel like that comes through in the accompaniment.

The words are:

Es uzgāju ganidama 
brīnum skaistu ozoliņu; 
Zīda saknes, zelta zari, 
sudrabiņa lapiņām 

I happened upon, while grazing,
a surprisingly beautiful oak tree;
Silken roots, golden branches,
with little silver leaves. 

I also included a recording with just the vocals for reference. I'm no pro when it comes to singing, but this was fun to record. Thanks!

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Very Beautiful, I'd love to be in a reverbiant area while a choir sang this for real. I'm loving the independence of each part while as a choir sounding beautiful. I disagree with DMT because I feel like the Ahs are beautiful and make the introduction of the choir less surprising.  I found myself singing the bass part, the type of bass part I love singing. They seem very important. 

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