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Concerto in E for violin and orchestra, 2nd mvmt

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It just feels a little bit... meandering to me. The violin writing is virtuosic enough, and as a violinist myself I appreciate being given a nice technical challenge in a concerto. But perhaps it's a bit much for a slow movement? And it also feels like it lacks direction -- it kind of gives the feeling of just showing off for showing off's sake at times. You have some great melodic ideas, but they're usually best expressed in your orchestration instead of the solo line, which is unfortunate. Maybe the solo line just sounds bad in the computer recording -- that's always possible, so that a human player doing this could add some nice expression, phrasing, and direction to the line. But my instincts tell me that's not really the case. The orchestration also feels unduly thick in some places, and liable to cover up the soloist. A soloist can't really compete even against a partial tutti. I had issues projecting successfully over the orchestra when I soloed on the Kabalevsky concerto a few years ago myself, and compared to this, Kabalevsky's orchestral parts are rather sparse -- and they're still borderline too heavy.

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