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Elements (Water) - for violin, cello, and piano

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Impressive work! I like that you're not daunted by the key of D-flat—one of my personal favorites! There were a lot of powerful moments in the piece that swept me up and away (just like water). I was also able to follow along with you musically, although I personally would have liked more thematic development. That's not a criticism, just a personal opinion. The directions in the score were thorough and reflected what I heard, at least from what I could tell. Good job there!

I suspect you're a pianist because the piano part in the score seemed very... considerate. 😂It was perfectly balanced even in the loud sections. I thought the cello part, too, seemed fun to play. The violin part had some sections way up in the troposphere that clash with the more moderately scored cello part, but on actual instruments it might turn out just fine.

I was a little skeptical of listening to a piece entitled "Water" because, you know, it's such a ubiquitous term, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a piece that did a great job musically representing ol' H2O! Keep up the good work!

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