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A short piece I haven't had the chance to write down yet.

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Hello! 🙂

Overall I like it, it has a nice harmonic-world, and it is pleasant to listen to.

Sometimes I've had the thought that it starts to become a little bit boring because of the little changes through the whole piece (at least rhythm-wise),
but at the end of the piece I felt some kind of completion, so it didn't really bothered me.

I can't point out specific areas, because I think the whole piece sounds kind of the same at any point,
which I guess was your aim, because it creates a mood,
and stays in the same mood,
and it still stays in the same 1 mood when you play higher notes or lower notes,
I don't think there is any problem with that,
but I think people must have a certain mood or a certain mindset/state(?) to enjoy this type of whole piece.

I would put it into Satie's "Furniture Music" genre 🙂

I think this is a well done job,
but don't listen to me only 🙂
I have a feeling the minimalist(-ish) music is pretty divisive, because not everybody likes a lot of repetition in music (although I like repetition, but most of the people don't really like, at least that's my experience, at least in the classical music world, but "non-classical" music like pop or techno and stuff like that, those kind of things are built on a lot of repetition, so maybe that's why most of classical musicians don't really like those, but maybe it's just my opinion, well at least it's my experience 🙂 )

So I think the best to do now is to just wait a little more for a few other people's opinion too,
so you will see what kind of ideas others can give you.

(PS. sorry for the wall of text here, I don't know why I type a lot sometimes, maybe it's just one of our pianist thing 🙂 )


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Hi there! As Lotsy piano mentioned, the harmonics are absolutely gorgeous.

I'm very much a newbie in the composing world (I've only performed one original piece in public), so I might not be of much help. But I will say that while I admire the minimalist feel to the piece, the static rhythm does get kind of boring after a while. My suggestion is try adding some eighth note arpeggios in the alto line somewhere in the middle of the piece and see how that works out. It might make the melody as a whole feel a lot smoother.

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