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String Quartet No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 3, 2nd Mvt

Joshua Ng

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Hi everyone! This is the second movement of my string quartet, with this being the slow contrasting movement! I have decided to go in a different direction from the 1st movement by making this movement feel much more meandering and winding, sort of like a foray into the unknown, with a distinct 'home' theme. My intention is to delve and explore a diverse range of emotions and textures throughout the piece, with a sense of wonder and in a contemplative mood. I used a large range of contrast in terms of the orchestration and instrumentation, from the solo, quasi-cadenza passages present in all 4 instruments, to lyrical polyphony with many countermelodies. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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7 hours ago, Leonardo C. Núñez said:

yeah cool piece bro, i do thing the bartok pizz wont fit well in this piece, if played like that IRL it sounds way more percussive. I would just put a normal pizz with accent :).


Thanks for the suggestion! I will do that instead

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