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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everybody, It sounds very interesting to me when we have a collaboration project in the form of Theme and Variations. For the ones who don't know what this form is: you compose one or more variations on a stated theme. A clear example is Mozart's Dodici variazioni su 'Ah, vous dirai-je Maman': How does it work? You can compose as many variations on the given theme as you want. There are a few rules / points: Only write for the string quartet (1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, violoncello). Not all variations have to contain all instruments, so you can also compose a variation for string trio (violin, viola, violoncello) or a solo passage. Make sure that the theme is recognizable or at least fragments of it. Every style is accepted: contemporary, classical, Pop, Jazz, minimal etc. Variations may not be longer than 2 minutes. When you have finished a variation, please post it in this topic with the following files. This namely saves a lot time for me to edit the final version. PDF file of the score and; Midi file and; MP3 file. You can be as creative as you want! Theme ''Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!'' Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.pdf Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mp3 Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid If you are interested and want to compose a variation, please sign in for this project by answering yes in the poll above. Good luck! Participants: ----------------------
  2. I thought it would be really cool to write a collaborative string quartet (2 violins, viola and cello). A few rules to follow: 1. I want to warn you that the score I upload (.xml format) is very likely going to be visually unappealing and may contain visual notation mistakes. I use a special notation program due to a disability (please do not ask me what this disability is, as it's information that is too personal to mention on the internet). Therefore, I cannot correct these mistakes myself. If anyone is willing to help me correct these mistakes, that would be awesome. 2. Any forum member may contribute as much as they want in any style, as long as we ensure smooth transitions between contributions. You can contribute as many times as you like. 3. I will decide when the composition is finished, but you are welcome to end it if you like. Collaborative String Quartet.xml
  3. String Quartet No. 1 in C major

    A string quartet that I completed on the 16th of June. It is in the classical style, inspired by the quartets of Mozart, Haydn, and Kozeluch (A very underrated composer who was more popular than Mozart during his life).
  4. String Quartet

    hello, This is my new string quartet composition. Just listen, and share your opinion! Thanks! :)
  5. String quartet No 4 I/Part 1

    Hi everyone, here is the first movement of my 4th string quartet. Feedback is welcome!
  6. String quartet N 4 I/Part 2

    Hi everyone. Here is the second part of the first movement of my fourth string quartet. Comments/Feedback are most welcome.
  7. "Transition"

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since my last upload here (My last post is my String Quartet I). This year has been a hectic year and I don't have many composing ideas. But I do have some feelings upon the changes in my academic prospect (+) and the relationship with a lady friend (-) (Unfortunately we don't talk anymore). So I decided to write this String Quartet to remind me of these incidents. Currently, I have written one movement for it only. The string quartet, in my opinion, is more dramatic than my first one. Hope you all enjoy it:) It would be great if you can kindly leave some comments. Regards, HoYin P.S. I was using the default sound library of Musescore but I changed to Florestan String SoundFont in an attempt to improve the quality of Strings in my track. Tell me if the soundfont is good:P
  8. String quartet 1/I

    This is a recording of the first movement of my first string quartet. The recording is from the dress rehearsal. I composed this five years ago. (I posted the second movement a couple of weeks ago.
  9. String quartet 1/III,IV

    Hi all, I finally got round to upload the last movements of my first string quartet. As with the other movements, the recording is from the dress rehearsal. (I composed this five years ago.) Looking forward to your feedback!
  10. This is a string quartet arrangement of a French chanson about a romance gone wrong, the original song reportedly composed by a lady who was described in contemporary accounts as being well known for her extravagant attire.
  11. Memories of the Ghetto

    This is the first movement of a string quartet I have been working on. The entire quartet is called "Jackdaw", and this movement is titled "Memories of the Ghetto". It is about things that are gone forever. It is about my ancestors. It is about my jewishness, which has now become so faint it is like the fog on a summer morning, moments away from complete disintegration. Yet at the same time it is a deep root, a bond that ties me to those who came before me, those who clawed their way out of the furnace and found sanctuary in a new land, a safe haven. What were their lives like, living in the ghettos of Prague? Babies were born, children played in the street, lovers held each other and giggled in the moonlight, businessmen haggled over the price of goods, wrinkled old women told tales of heartbreak and woe, an ancient city breathed in one generation and exhaled another. The memories of my ancestors. They don't come to me in an orderly fashion, but instead all tangled up, or sometimes as mere glimpses, vignettes of a time that is buried, of a people I desperately long to know. The deep dark blue of a prayer shawl, freshly baked bread, a labyrinth of crumbling stone spires, grandpa's croaking laugh, a virgin bride smiling beneath her veil. These are my people, a lake so deep it reaches down to the very bowels of the earth. And yet I have almost lost them, almost forgotten the bond, forgotten who I am. I want to see through their eyes and know their pain and triumph and laughter and fear and joy. I want to remember. Remember!
  12. This is a recording of the second movement of my first string quartet. The recording is from the dress rehearsal. I composed this five years ago.
  13. The Ancient Forest Mov.I

    I have the privilege and great fortune to spend lots of time meandering through the old forests along the coast of Alaska. Within the last two years I have visited a portion of coast that contains Sitka Spruce trees older than the founding of our nation. One tree in particular, I have been informed, is more than 700 year old. The root structure is huge. Within these forests I often feel as though I am in a cathedral requiring great reverence. This is the first movement to a string quartet I have been contemplating. I initially thought of a chamber orchestra piece, but I think the intimacy of a quartet is more fitting. Your thoughts and critiques are welcome.
  14. My third string quartet played by the Hugo Wolf Quartett at the Vienna Konzerthaus.
  15. This is the second movement of my fourth string quartet. The recording is from the premiere at the Vienna music university.
  16. Hey guys it's been a little while. I got caught up in other things, between working on a Youtube channel and prepping for auditions I've been busy and fell behind in the composing department. However I've been getting right back into it and now I gladly present to you my first full string quartet after about 3 and a half months of off-and-on work, finally fleshing out an idea that I've had for over a year. It has four movements and is approximately 20 minutes long. In-depth description for those who want to read it: This quartet, as it is titled, is intended to invoke a picture of New York City. The initial motif in the first movement I came up with shortly after visiting NYC last year when I first got the idea for the piece and represents the movement of a train. When the sfz into sustained note is introduced instrument by instrument this marks the arrival at the city. What follows is an ambling, happy stroll through the bustling city. The second movement brings in an even livelier mood, trying to capture the busy excitement. The third movement gives some contrast with a more dramatic, almost melancholic tone. I picture the city on a cloudy rainy day, as people pass with somber expressions and the city seems to slow. The final movement bids a farewell to the city, giving several big solos, reintroducing the first motif briefly before it's conclusion.
  17. String Quartet Stream No. 3

    This is my 3rd string quartet stream. Here is the link to my 2nd: http://www.youngcomposers.com/archive/music/listen/7972/string-quartet-stream-no-2/
  18. The second movement to my WIP string quartet. You hear the first movement here (though I've made some adjustments since then). I feel pretty satisfied with how this one turned out, I'm getting used to using more variation in tempo (my other stuff in general stays the same tempo for the entirety of each movement), as well as working more on development, transitions, and use of double-stops. My only concern is the transition into the allegro con brio, I've rewritten it several times (and this is by far the best so far) but I still haven't gotten the change in character feeling completely natural.
  19. These are variations on 'Voi che sapete' written for string quartet. Please let me know what you think!
  20. Variations on a Theme of Dvorak.mp3 Here's my entry for the Fall 2016 competition. I had a baby last month and have had very little free time since, so it's a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy it! Edit: Sorry for not linking the original theme before. Here's the full movement; the theme begins at about 0:46.
  21. Var on a Theme from Peter and the Wolf for String Quartet - full score.mp3 This is my entry to the Fall 2016 competition. I chose to use the initial theme from Peter and Wolf for String Quartet. Many fond childhood memories are associated with this piece for me, so I was excited to utilize it. I chose to arrange the variations for quartet because I quite simply love the dynamic that a quartet has, it's room for expression and individuality while also retaining the bigger sound that comes from ensemble. The theme I used can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ueGfjBKbiE starting at 1:45 I'm not entirely satisfied with how the piece came out, but I am happy I put myself to a deadline and stuck with it, and I look forward to participating in future competitions!
  22. String Quartet No. 1 "New York" Mov. 1

    Finally made some real progress on my first "real" quartet. I just finished the first movement of a planned 3 or 4, and figured I would get some feedback. I usually like to share the story behind my pieces, so here's the story to this one: Back when I was just starting to get interested in serious composition, I was looking for good ideas. At the time I took brief trip to New York City, and decided I would write a quartet trying to depict the city (in no small part inspired by the fact that I was at the time working on Dvorak's American Quartet with my group). The initial rhythm in the viola and cello (used to depict the train) I came up with then. I tried to write it out (I finished it about six months ago), but due to my inexperience with composition the piece developed very differently from what I had planned, ultimately being a nice piece that I'm still proud of, but still a fairly simplistic single movement piece. Finally I am returning to this idea, more experienced than before, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it's progressing so far. Hope you enjoy!
  23. Finally I have a piece to road-test the new format of the website, and am able to finally post it after several unsuccessful attempts: my second "Conversation", my first for string quartet. And if I may say so, I consider it one of my profounder musical utterances, and therefore fit to mark the special occasion of the unveiling of the renovated version of our website. I hope that you will be able to enjoy hearing it. Here is the link to my first Conversation, For Oboe and Clarinet: http://www.youngcomposers.com/archive/music/listen/8190/conversation-no-1-for-oboe-and-clarinet/
  24. String quartet 160827

    Here is my first in depth composition for string quartet (two violins, viola, and cello). I have some background in theory but only recently have been getting into actual composition. I'd love to hear feedback from some of you, as I want to get better and better at this. Thanks!