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Minuet in G major

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Hello everyone!

Recently I started reading Schoenberg's "Fundamentals of Musical Composition" and I decided to write several compositions of the simple forms from the book to try to apply what I learn. The first form was the minuet and this is the first minuet I composed. I composed it in a rather free way (I plan to compose a few stricter shorter minuets next, trying to make them simpler since I keep overcomplicating things when composing).

The piece follows the minuet [:A:][:BA':] form with the following tonalities and number of measures:

                     - A: 16 measures in G major

                     - B: 20 measures in D major

                     - A': 17 measures in G major

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for listening! 🙂 



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That was nice!  Overall it was good - just a few nit-picks:

  • You have dynamics written into the score, but I don't hear any crescendos or dynamic changes in the performance
  • Also, the low bass range of your piano isn't loud enough in comparison to the treble
  • I hear the B section (which I interpret as a kind of little development section) immediately after the first repeat in 3/2 - it still works out to the same thing since you have two measure phrases and you don't have to change it explicitly of course

Thanks for the music!

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Yes, I am still struggling with noteperformer dynamic levels since, particularly in piano and strings, I feel the piano levels sound so much better than the rest of the dynamics, so I try to fiddle around with those quite a lot to suit my taste. I usuall have two piano tracks, one only for the score, and another one hidden, the one sounding, which has a lot of dynamic and weird accents to get the sound I want. It seems this time I did not do it properly hahaha, I have changed the audio a little to try to improve the dynamic levels. I also increased  the volume of the bass.

Thank for pointing out about the B section, I had not realized it felt more as a 3/2 than as a 3/2. I do not particularly mind that feeling but, in spite of being 12 measures long, I was feeling it was too short of a section. Now I realize probably the 3/2 rhythm feel makes the music feel like being on a faster tempo, so I extended that section with 8 extra measures as to not make it feel rushed.

Thank you so much for your comment PaperComposer! 🙂 

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