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OFF-SITE: Cheap Imitation Magazine's Call for Scores

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Call for Scores (for publication)

Hello! I just wanted to drop this opportunity here for you guys to peruse!

A literary/arts organization I'm involved with (Cheap Imitation) is interested in publishing some original sheet music, and has opened for unsolicited submissions (a standard procedure in the literary publishing world, but possibly a bit odd for the music world).

We're a paying market, and we're interested in just about any form of musical composition that aligns with our theme! Submission does not guarantee publication, and we're fairly discerning with what we publish, but if you're interested in publishing some of your work in a publication alongside some high quality poetry, visual art, and fiction, we'd love to read your stuff!

There is a small submission fee that is charged to pay for the submissions manager, again, something that is fairly standard in the literary world.

The name of the organization is a bit of a homage to John Cage, and so we would love to read (and hear, if you have a recording to show us) your weird, experimental, free form, or otherwise truly original music!

All the nitty-gritty details about the theme of the upcoming magazine and specifications of what we're looking for can be found on our submissions website!



tldr: submit to get your sheet music published (and get paid)!

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