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First attempt at composing fantasy music - what are your thoughts?

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A very high quality video and soundtrack you've made once again!  I like the various artwork and effects.  Is it just me or are some of the voices slightly out of tune in some places?  I like your change of key at 1:55.  The only thing I miss in this is that once you're in a certain key you basically tend to stay in that key.  Even when you change keys you do so abruptly without any transitions.  You manage to return to the original key as well but once again without any transitions ... it would have been a good opportunity to use some chromatic chords out of your key that could have been laced with more tension.  Nice cliffhanger ending!  Well done overall!

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Thanks! Some great comments here. I'll have to double check the voices. And yes, I could have definitely gone for some more chromatics in this piece. Will have to try and put myself out of my key comfort zone in the future! Cheers for the comment, that's much appreciated 

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