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Piano and Strings in D major, L9

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Dear community,

here is a piece I've written for piano and strings in D major. Although it can act as a first movement for a larger work I'm going to keep it as a standalone piece. Concerto type pieces are not my forte and it took some effort to finish it.


YouTube link (with score)   https://youtu.be/J3uEQtesCdo


It's actually in sonata form:

1st theme D major: bars 1-57 

2nd theme A major: 58-89

development: 90-157

1st theme D major: 158-196

2nd theme D major:197-228

ending: 229-254




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This is nice, but what I notice the most about this that bothers me is that you don't seem to bring out the melody.  Besides the fact that the melody is exclusively the top voice there are no dynamics to let the listener know what is the most important feature of your music (it should be the melody).  The piece starts out with all the parts marked mf and they stay that way for the whole duration of the piece.  You have some nice canonic imitation in some places though.  I can see why you would be lazy about changing the dynamic levels throughout the piece with all the interplay that you incorporate between the left and right hands of the piano and between the strings and the piano (and between 1st and 2nd violins).  Sometimes you use sequencing so much that it sounds like a run-on sentence - you could have kept things fresh by using variation and something to break the pattern of expecting the themes to be repeated at just the next pitch level.  Also - in a concerto type of work it is expected that the soloist would get some challenging virtuosic parts but this stays relatively simple.  I also feel like this piece could use some trills LoL.  You do however use some very effective harmonies in closing the piece.  Overall an enjoyable if sometimes long-winded piece!  Thanks for sharing.

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