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this is a piano arrangement of a Christian hymn written by me, hope you like it

the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Ya4y1p7zh/

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I love hymns. This was a beautiful song and nice use of articulation, technique and variety in playing styles. Brilliant ideas.

I was bugging out by the pedal that never releases and but it can be something in the written form. In places like 01:13 it becomes dissonant to the harmonies coming after.

Somewhere in the middle there was a bass heavy part, maybe skip the pedal completely. At the end the low chords gets a little "muddy", try more dense chords intervals. Someone told me dense chords sounds best in the middle of a piano, and he's got a point.

You have a key change or modulation to minor in the latter part of the song, could you modulate it differently? It seems to be coming from nowhere.

Just my own thoughts, didn't mean to sound harsh.


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