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Three Hesse-Lieder (art songs)


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Hi everyone,


Here are three short songs that I would like to share with you. They are all based on texts by Hermann Hesse.


The first one is called 'Abendgespräch'. The German text can be found in the score. An English translation by Sharon Krebs can be found here:


Unfortunately I only have a notation score playback as audio to share for this song:

Abendgespräch - Hesse-Lied.pdf



For number two, called 'Kennst du das auch?' I do have a proper recording, sung by Skott Johnson.



Kennst du das auch - Hesse-Lied.pdf

The last one is called 'Bitte - Rücknahme'. For this it's only notation playback again.




and the second part:



Bitte - Rücknahme.pdf

Bitte - Rücknahme.mp3


Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Dominique changed the title to Three Hesse-Lieder (art songs)

In order of how much I like each one it would go 1. Kennst du das auch 2. Abendgespräch 3. Bitte. 

1. Abendgespräch: I love the melody. Very convincing. I like the ideas you have given but I'm not entirely convinced that you fully executed your ideas.

2. Kennst du das auch:  Lovely lines with beautiful suspensions that push phrases beautifully.

3. Bitte: I loved the combination of two poems. However this song wasn't too special to me.

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Hi Some Guy,


Thank you for listening and commenting! I am glad that you liked the melody of 'Abendgespräch'. I was unsure about it. I'll see if I can find a way to develop the ideas more clearly. Thanks again for listening and your input.

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