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Cyberpunk Themed Video Game Soundtrack

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This is my first venture into composing video game music. I did this for the "7 Days of Video Game Music" composing challenge. (This is a youtube playlist with seven tracks, one for each day of the challenge.) All of the tracks were made in GarageBand, using mainly loops with some of my own elements added throughout.


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I think the music is great!  I just didn't think that cyberpunk sounded like this but I guess it could work.  Your music is both simple and technically/harmonically accomplished!  For being composed in a day each of these tracks is quite good!  I do miss some more filled out textures but that's a personal nit-pick.  My approach to VGM is totally different so I can only try to appreciate your different sound-effects oriented music.  So I guess the prompt for this was "write for a cyberpunk game"?  I think day 6 might be my favorite.  Cool voice effects.  Although day 7 is pretty cool too - I think this one is the most texturally filled out with various parts.  Pretty cool!

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