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Looking for a composer to collaborate with on a concert band piece


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Hello YCs,

I currently need to write a piece for my high school's concert band. However, my problem is that I've only ever written for string orchestra and never concert band. Because of this, I am looking for a composer to collaborate with for my band.


  • The piece needs to be done by the end of this Sunday.
  • The piece should be a grade 2 or 3, as outlined in this chart: https://www.bandworld.org/pdfs/GradingChart.pdf
  • The piece should be from 1:45 to 3:00 minutes long.
  • The instrumentation is an average American high school concert band:
    • --WOODWINDS--
    • 2 flute parts
    • 1 oboe part
    • 3 clarinet parts
    • 1 bass clarinet part
    • 2 alto sax parts
    • 1 tenor sax part
    • 1 bari sax part
    • 1 bassoon part
    • --BRASS--
    • 3 trumpet parts
    • 2 horn parts
    • 3 trombone parts
    • 1 euphonium part
    • 1 tuba part
    • --PERCUSSION--
    • Snare drum part
    • Bass drum part
    • Cymbal part
    • Chimes part
    • Glockenspiel part
    • Vibraphone part

We will collaborate by using either Google Hangouts or Reddit. (Whichever is preferred. I am currently unable to access Discord at this time, so I will not be able to use that.) We will send the project files to each other, or just send screenshots of our project and add whatever the other person made onto the project.

If you are willing to collaborate, please note that you will be given credit. In addition, this piece is probably going to be played by an actual high school band, and not just by a computer - that is, if we finish it in time.

Oh and also, I'm trying to stick with one collaborator but if you really want to collaborate and there's already another collaborator, just reply and say that you want to collab and I'll probably let you - although I am putting a hard maximum cutoff at two collaborators other than me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you're interested, I hope we can collaborate soon!

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8 hours ago, GospelPiano12 said:

I do not have the most music composition experience, but  I would still like to help.


Alright, nice. What is your preferred method of communication? 

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1 hour ago, GospelPiano12 said:

But as I said, my music composition skills aren't the most advanced, so it would probably help to get another collaborator. And mot of my music composition experience is in hymnal music.


Okay. I'll look for another collaborator, thanks for your honesty. Though if I can't get another one, you're free to collab.

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